Rumania 1964-1965

London exhibition. Two teenage girls (twins) look at some of the Rumanian Craftware on display at the exhibition. Rumanian women demonstrate weaving techniques.
Rumania – countryside. Farmer and his herd of cows. Scenic shots of the countryside. Carpathian Mountains. Narrator details some of Rumania’s history. Scenes at a racecourse. The tote. Bookmakers. Trotting race. Narrator makes jokes about the Rumanians being capitalists. Chairlift at the skiing resort of Poianna Brasov. Various shots of the countryside – some views from the moving chairlift. „Sport Hotel” with holidaymakers drinking cocktails. Museum opens its gates – ornate architecture. Churches and monastery in Moldavia.
Narrator speaks of how Rumania is reaching westwards for new ideas and inspiration. New buildings and roadways. An oil rig – a sightseeing attraction in Bucharest’s permanent industrial exhibition. Tourists arrive aboard a Caravelle aircraft with the word „Sabena” on the side. Landmarks of Bucharest seen from a car. Traffic warden is seen. High angle shot of a street market. Woman chooses some flowers to buy.
Housing – blocks of flats. The new concert hall and the home of the circus – Big Top Deluxe. People lounging beside a hotel swimming pool – it has a wave machine. Mamaia Rumania’s summer beach resort is featured. Nice shots of people on the beach then holidaymakers relaxing beside their tents in a campsite. Man uses a chest expander whilst his friend laughs. Girl feeds a foal with a bottle.
Fruit stall with a display to commemorate the August revolution of 1944. Various shots of hotels and bright lights at night. Narrator gives the hard sell: „Suspicious, sullen Rumania is really a vivacious young girl, flirting with Western ideas and beckoning the tourist to come just a little further afield in the search for fun and bright lights. For some it could be love at first sight.” Cuts exist – see separate record.

Delights and traditions of Rumania are shown – narrator promotes Rumania as a holiday destination and discusses how Rumania „has it all”. Hotel and city square (Bucharest?), view of a beach from a balcony.
Horses are seen in training for a trotting race. Various shots of the horses and jockeys harnessing up. Jockey smiles broadly as he passes the camera. Track is levelled out and water sprayed upon it. Shots of the race and spectators.
Traffic free shopping centre is shown – shoppers walk through square. Large „modern” building is covered with a mural. Compared to a church covered with intricate frescos. L/S of another church then M/Ss of tourists and locals looking at the frescos. C/Us of the paintings.
Narration suggests that Rumania has many surprises for those that think it is a backward country.

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