Art… not even once

The College for Creative Studies takes an unusual, but highly amusing satirical approach to its newest campaign.
For those of you growing up in the 80s, you may remember the well-advertised commercials of what would happen to your brain on drugs. The college asked Team Detroit to create these ads who took this idea and spun it around to show concerned parents having a talk to their kids about their affinity for art. As distressed parents are giving their kids a talking to, bold yellow captions immediately grab your attention and make you instantly roar in laughter. From “doodling is a gateway to illustration” to “your son has been sculpting again,” each slogan is well thought-out and absolutely hilarious.
Creating something that is not only eye-grabbing, but something which has already gone viral, is something few schools have been able to accomplish — that is, until the College for Creative Studies came around.

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